LLS Children's Initiative

Cures and Care for Children

Children's Initiative Children's Initiative

LLS Children's Initiative

Cures and Care for Children

Taking on Children’s Cancer from Every Direction

We’re disrupting the status quo with our bold vision for young patients – to not only survive their cancer but thrive in their lives after treatment.

While many children survive acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common type of pediatric blood cancer, the treatments are harsh and outdated. The long-term effects of current therapies can create severe life-threatening complications. And survival rates for children with other high-risk types of leukemia, such as acute myeloid leukemia, are very poor. That’s why we are increasing investment in pediatric research.

What’s more, LLS is pioneering an unprecedented collaborative clinical trial to fundamentally change the way pediatric blood cancers are treated, while expanding the services and support we provide for children and families.

The LLS Children's Initiative, a multi-year collaboration.

LLS is setting out to raise $100 million for more dedicated research, free education and support for children and families, and bold advocacy efforts. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we're closer to our goal. But we need your help to end pediatric blood cancers.

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We believe that cures are achievable.

With The LLS Children's Initiative, we are determined to realize them.


LLS is expanding our investment in leading-edge research to find safer, lifesaving therapies for children, teens and young adults with blood cancers.

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LLS helps children and families cope with the financial, emotional and psychological impacts of a cancer diagnosis through a comprehensive array of free information, resources and financial support.

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LLS is dedicated to breaking down barriers to care and accelerating the development of new cancer treatments.

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LLS is leading an unprecedented collaboration to launch a global precision medicine clinical trial to fundamentally change how pediatric cancers are treated.

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